So Boudoir- It’s one of the most initially scary thoughts for a woman- “I wear my underwear and you take pictures of me in my underwear?!”.

Well not quite, boudoir simply means bedroom.  It can be anything you want it to be. You want to wear a huge oversized tshirt- I’m game. You want to wear panties only and cover up with your hands. Let’s do it. The goal is: YOU walk out of that session a changed woman because there will come a moment in that photo session that you begin to LOVE the skin you are in.

This is not just for the stick skinnies- although they can rock it.

This is not excluding plus sizes- you ladies are SO gorgeous and it’s possible to look sexy with your curves!

Did you just have a baby? I had a momma do one of these post TWINS- like 2 babies in her belly at once weeks prior to the shoot.

To me, my passion with boudoir is helping women see how beautiful they really are.

Some do this to give as a gift, others to celebrate new weight loss, to celebrate new life freedom, “just because I want to” is another great reason.

Whatever that reason may be, know that you can trust Katie Ibberson Photography and you will not be disappointed. Just go read the testimonials for yourself.

By the way- we are Central Pennsylvania’s most affordable boudoir photographer because I want every woman to have this experience- it is life changing.

———————————————–KIP Boudoir Sessions: $175 —————————————————-